8 Examples We’re Already Building A Better World

What up blog readers. In this edition of Sh*t you should read Wednesday I wanted to share both articles, and organizations that are already building a better world. These are real people, real groups that are showing others how to transition out of our bullshit system (C’mon you know it’s bullshit) into something better, real, sustainable. If you thought you needed to reinvent the world to help make the world a better place, you didn’t.

World Changing Articles aka People already being awesome

Tribes Create Their Own Food Laws to Stop USDA From Killing Native Food Economies

Former Inmate Hires Ex-Cons So They Can Get On Positive Path After Prison

World Changing Organizations you can hook up with

Transition US

Be A Localist


Urban Organic Gardner

Books for your brain

America The Possible: A Manifesto For A Brighter Future

The Compassionate Carnivore: Or, How to Keep Animals Happy, Save Old MacDonald’s Farm, Reduce Your Hoofprint, and Still Eat Meat

Do you know of an organization already helping make the world better? Did one of the articles/organisations resonate with you? Sound off below in the comments!

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