Other Ways to Contribute If You’re Done With Voting


You feel it in your gut. It’s a frustrating sensation that something is wrong. You’re watching this election, you’re listening to all the arguments about voting and there’s that persistent tick in your brain, the feeling of unease in your stomach that this isn’t right.

I am not unaware, or disrespectful, or unappreciative of the people before us who fought for our rights to vote as a woman as a minority. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the system is fucked. Our idea of democracy is wrong, ineffective, and it has been corrupted from so many levels that it’s almost too big of a mess to fix. It’s going to require something drastic and many of us feel. Many of us are overwhelmed by that knowledge. I understand. This post isn’t about bitching, git’s about solutions. Easy ones.

howard-zinn-quote-changeIf you are bothered by the voting system, if you are bothered by superdelegates that do not represent the will of the people, if you are bothered by the fact that the only chance you have to become President is if you spend $1 billion, if you’re a Democrat or Republican. If you’re bothered by the fact it’s ridiculous that we only have two choices that in our system an independent choice,  or a green candidate choice, or a Libertarian candidate choice aren’t possible, let’s do something else instead. I have often advocated that even if I don’t vote that doesn’t mean I can’t contribute to the country or to my community. But, I’m also a very spiritual person and I know the things that I need to do on a personal level before I can get to the space where I make a bigger change. So, for now I’m going to do what I can do on a small level and that is more than enough. It’s enough for you to. We’ve got to start somewhere, right?

System Re-education

There are two I highly recommend people read, discuss and ponder. The first book is called First Democracy. It is written by Paul Woodworth and is about what democracy really, the challenges of it and some real world examples of it in play. The second book that I highly recommend people read is called the Voices of a People’s History of the United States and it was written by the late Howard Zinn. If you don’t know who Howard Zinn was I highly recommend you spend some time today or whatever it is you have the free time and look him up.

Go Within

We need to get personal. We need to get individual. We need to understand what it is that we want solved when we look at these candidates and fight so vehemently for the issues that they are “going to fix for us”. What is it in your life, in your daily struggle that is bothering you so much that you will go to bat for liars. And c’mon we know they are. The fact that we’ve just learned to accept it is a problem in and of itself. So let’s get personal instead.


You can be of any religion or none at all the spiritual journey doesn’t need a God attached to it this is about you. This is about the internal work that you are going to do for you. Here are some ways to get started. And remember this about following your own intuition wherever that leads you. I recommend Chakras for Beginners by David Pond.

Next up, meditation. There are so many ways you can meditate. I know you don’t have time? Bullshit. You shower right? Meditate. Some of you exercise right? Walk the dog? The kids? Meditate. I myself am not very good at sitting still, I’m one of those people who find it very difficult to step away from my work to quietly meditate for 10 minutes so I understand your issues however I cannot stress enough how important it is to be quiet, and be still and make space for your inner voice to talk to you.  I’m going to link a bunch of different resources for meditation pick one that works for you try them all it doesn’t matter the journey is individual.

5 meditation experts to relax with on YouTube

How to Meditate in This Million-Mile-an-Hour World

Can group meditation prevent violent crime? Surprisingly, the data suggests yes: New study

Higher Self Meditation

Bring back the Goddess

Lastly I feel like one of the biggest problems we have collectively is that we’ve lost the divine feminine part of ourselves. We are in imbalance. It is not a man hating thing to say that our world is very masculine oriented and it’s not working. We need both. We need to embody both. In my journey that I’m going through now (and it’s been a rough one but I’ll write about that later) I am deeply in search of the Goddess. That part of myself that I am missing. Right now I’m doing a lot of research about how she got lost, where I can find her. And I know that I’m going to end up realizing that she’s already in me and I’ve stopped listening, and eventually have this big WooWoo revelation at some point, but now I am deeply looking for that connection. More books I recommend!

Red Hot and Holy: A Heretic’s Love Story

When God Was a Woman

Women Who Run With the Wolves


It’s only when I went back to my spiritual practice, that I was able to step back and look at this election and see the harm that it is causing. If you feel that way, that discontent, that discord, how you choose to participate, to bring your solution to the table is up to you. I do believe it all starts with going inward because you will not find the answer anywhere within yourself. But the long and short of it is, once you identify within your self, your own issues, your own hurts, wants, needs, desires, you’ll get started and then you will take that energy and you will thrust it outwards, and you will figure out how you can make a difference. How you can change something and make it better instead of casting a vote for a system we know is fucked up.

Sound off in the comments let me know how you do, or if you have other resources that you think would help people, get started or continue on their journey I’d love to hear about them.

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