9 Deeply WooWoo Things You Should Read

So, you guys know I’m WooWoo (and if this is your first time on the blog, welcome new people!). This edition of #SYSRW is all about the WooWoo (and some random sci-fi thrown in because that’s how my brain works). Get your chill on, grab your peace pipe and let’s engage.

Real Talk WooWoo

The Emotion-Bashing Needs to Stop

What it Really Means to Hold Space for Someone

everyone deserves their sacred union.

Science WooWoo

Parallel worlds exist and interact with our world, say physicists

The Spiritual Wisdom of Albert Einstein

Scientists Discover People Who Are Awake Can Influence Dreams Of Sleeping People Using Telepathy

The Gate of God

This Is How Your ‘Aura’ Affects Your Health & Those Around You

Legit Random Sci-fi Link (but Predator is awesome ya’ll)

Shane Black talks taking The Predator back to its roots!

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