SWTOR: Shadow of Revan A Disappointment

The opportunities that were lost in Star Wars The Old Republic: Shadow of Revan to bring back some of the things that made SWTOR a unique MMO gaming experience we’re overlooked, and that’s a damn shame.

There are some positive to take away from the Revan story. As a whole I can’t say I didn’t like it. But, not with the same vigor I absolutely had to gobble up the first 50 lvls on nearly all eight characters with the same kind of OCD Civilization fans will understand- “one… more… turn…”

Look, I’ll be honest. I am not your average MMO player. I played WoW for a total of 15 seconds because it’s boring as fuck to me to just run around and kill shit all to get better gear. But I devoted quite a lot of man hours and money to SWTOR, and not just because I’m a Star Wars geek. The story sucked me in. I have played through Marauder, Jedi Knight, Bounty Hunter, Smuggler, Jedi Consular, and Imperial Agent story-lines. I loved them all. Some more than others, but yes, hands down, just great. The choices, the companions, the beautiful graphics, y u so awesome?

I mean, I was geared up, raiding, pvping, doing dailies, actually learning how to play an MMO and doing things I find tedious and often times boring all because of the personal immerse me in this world EA/Bioware created. And then the story stopped. So I simply stopped playing and rolled out. With Shadow of Revan came the promise of one class story, and my interest was peaked and I pre-ordered, dove back in, gave the game more of my time and money happily. It’s an even exchange you give me what made it special, I give you time and money. Easy barter.

And then came the let down. Mild spoilers abound.

With Shadow of Revan, Revan who you only thought you killed in The Foundry is back, has taken over the Order of Revanties and wants to destroy the Sith and Jedi, Empire and Republic. At first I was a little disappointed with Revan’s goals because it was eerily similar to what the Star Cabal was trying to do on the Imp Storyline. However! It’s actually a little deeper than that; Revan is drawing the two sides into a war because he wants to reawaken the Emperor so he can get his revenge on the guy that imprisoned him for centuries. It’s legit, if I was Revan I’d want to fuck up the Emperor too. So we play through that storyline in a fairly generic fashion, similar to Makeb, with different things on Empire and Republic but nothing unique for the eight different classes SWTOR provided us. The planets are aesthetically pleasing Rishi and Yarvin 4 are really pretty, and you meet some interesting characters there. I also thought it was pretty damn cool to get to fight in a Operation with Darth Marr and Grand Master Shan in battle with you, so props there. Then it’s over, and I’m not lvl 60 yet and have no desire to get there, or to ever play that content again on any of my other characters (and I’ve got four 55s waiting in the wings).

The class story – for me was the biggest let down. I understand, we we’re only going to get one. But for my Marauder it didn’t even tie into the main storyline and was disappointingly short. After waiting, and waiting, and waiting it was like getting fed table scraps just to shut us up, and that’s fairly insulting. One could have at least stretched in a few parts? Lasted over two planets? Tied into the expansion somehow?

Look, I wouldn’t be so disappointed if the bar hadn’t been set so high to begin with. And inside of Shadow of Revan EA/Bioware had an amazing opportunity to remind players why SWTOR was a unique MMO, not just the same ole but with lightsabers, and they completely missed the boat. The Bounty Hunter could have had a branch of this SL that took him to get the aid of the Mandalorians. The Imperial Agent could have had a branch that sent him to rescue Theron Shan when he got kidnapped, the Jedi/Mara could have similar yet different SLs where the bring the coalition together to fight at the end (or don’t depending on their choices), the Smuggler could have had an amazing storyline on Rishi with the Pirates and freeing slaves, bringing down gangs. You get the point. All these things could have been done that brought back the awesomeness of lvl 1 – 50 and made people want to play the whole thing again and again and again. That’s more time IG, more money, more subscriptions. The logic of why they didn’t do this is utterly lost on me.

There are a lot of complaints round gaming that EA tends to ruin games and just bleed them dry for the money. They’ve done this to SWTOR and that’s a damn shame. I hope that consumers will start realizing the power they actually hold and start holding game studios more accountable and to a high standard that blends honesty and creativity. I was suckered into giving SWTOR another try, I won’t be again.

So until then, so long SWTOR and thanks for the 12xp.

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