Synarchy Book 3: Meet the protagonists

Book 3 was always going to have a female protagonist. But, I absolutely fell in love with two of the characters I created in my Star Wars Fan Fic Legacy.  They wouldn’t stop talking to me. I had to find a way to bring them into this story, which I kind of have. At least one of them. I have an idea for the second one, kind of. Anyway, in the below snippets you’re going to meet (probably) the main characters of Synarchy Book 3 and a classic unfinished scene complete with my bad grammar and notes to myself.

[dialogue too human sounding at times – how to make it more, alien?]

Ready… change!”

Twin sisters faced each other in the training circle.  Around their dominate hand, right for Saraya, left for Reide was the tanarull. It fit around their fingers like a kind of mechanical glove stretching only up to the middle knuckle, and covering the arm up to the elbow. It glowed a purple hue, and then materialized in each of their palms a swords. Saraya’s resembled more of a Katana her hilt wrapped in black, the steel blade slightly curved and glinting in the light.  Reide’s was more claymore styled, forcing her to grip the hilt with both hands, but regardless of it’s size she raised it easily in an offensive position.

The tanarull linked with it’s owner. A painful bonding process at first that strengthened over time and with practice. It was a direct brain interface, the strength of it dependent entirely upon the mental capacity of it’s owner.  How fast the weapon manifested, what it looked like, and it’s strength was dependent entirely on the creator.

“Ready… change!”

On Dacwen the drill was standard training for Horan’s, especially so for [princess].  Horan’s were guardians not for the planet Dacwen, but for Earth.  And neither for it’s people, nor for the planet itself but for the seven doorways that existed on its surface that kept the [name] contained.

Saraya the elder sister but only by seconds, grinned at her sister the katana in her hand transforming into a bo’. Nearly simultaneously Reide was holding a whip in hers.  Grinning mischievously back at her twin, she snapped the coiled tip out in Saraya’s direction.  Moving fast, Saraya rolled to the side and when she came back up, without having been asked there were a pair of sai’s in her hand, and one was flung at Reide.  The trajectory had deadly accuracy and for a brief second, Saraya worried her sister wouldn’t counter.  Reide simply in the mood to toy with her twin, waited until the last possible second before a shield appeared that she held up, and the sai bounced harmlessly off of it.

Jochlan, their instructor, without warning flipped over the side of the railing and landed in the center of the ring.  He too wore the tanarull around his arms, and out stretched in each of his hands one pointed at each sister was a small pistol looking weapon. Pulses of energy fired from it and he gave them no warning.

“What’d yah get jealous we weren’t gonna beat you up today too?” Reide whooped and held up her shield again, though her stance was knocked back a centimeter from the sheer force of the pulse that slammed into her shield.

Saraya was on the move, leaping over one pulse, somersaulting forward as she landed her eyes narrowed with intent to close the distance between her and their instructor.  Jochlan turned his attention towards her, the pulse pistols disappearing from his hands.  Nothing replaced them as Saraya got close enough to thrust her sai towards his midsection.  He simply turned, twisting his body and let the telekentic power enhanced by his tanarull flow through his hands that he outstretched towards Saraya and using her own momentum against her flung her forward straight towards Reide.

Reide jumped and twisted in mid-air, her shield gone and extended her hand towards Saraya.  Saraya grasped it and with the stabilizing force of her sister was able to land neatly beside her on her feet.

“He’s asking for it,” Saraya said, turning round to face Jochlan.

“I bet we beat him today,” Reide agreed, wiggling her fingers.

“Wake up, wake up, wake up!”

William [latsname] was sleeping. Soundly. He was about as comfortable as a guy could be in a tent in the middle of nowhere. Or he had been, until Elaina [lastname] started shouting.  It was followed by pouncing and the rapid shaking of his shoulder.

William popped open one eye at his best friend.  “Why? Do you know what I was drea-”

Elaina slapped a hand over his mouth cutting him off.  Grinning widely down at him, her excitement almost visceral, she blew an errant curl out of her dark brown hair out of her eye and used her other hand to show him the video on the hand held camera.  “We got one.”

William was instantly awake. Both eyes opened and they went to the screen, widening as he watched a crop circle form. He gently pried her hand from his mouth and reached for the camera.  “It happened? When?”

“Just now! We got all of it!”

William sat up, rubbing his eyes with one hand, then hit the rewind button, watching the whole video again.  At first it looked like nothing exciting, just a big open field.  Until a small ball of light appeared.  It whipped through the field so fast he couldn’t keep up with its motion. The video cut out a second later. The whole process had taken less than two minutes.  William looked up at her.  “A circle?”

“It’s huge.  We need a bird’s eye view.”

“I’ll call Jim.”

“Cusamine, Saraya, come a little closer to that asteroid will you?”

In the asteroid field, two figures flew through.

They weren’t in any kind of inter-dimensional spacecraft.  A round silver helmet covered Saraya’s head, the visor was blue, a similar color covered her frame, a bit shinier than the suit.  A double cylinder pack was on her back, it’s speed controlled from the direct to brain interface inside her helmet.

Pushing the pack to its limit, she shot ahead of her partner flying so close to the asteroid she was able to run up the uneven surface with her booted feet, dove off it, flipped around and repeated the same maneuver across a meter of tightly floating rocks until she broke into a small open area inside the rocky field.  She abruptly eased back on the acceleration on her pack, hovering in place.

Jochlan finally caught up to her, his suit was similar to hers but a darker shade of blue. “I believe you are showing off again, princess.”

Saraya grinned at him.  “As if you couldn’t keep up.”

Jochlan chuckled, lines of information scrolling down the front of his visor. “The message is finished.” [ research on the asteroid field – something up here needed to decode the message on new location of the doorways ]

Saraya nodded.  “Let’s get started.”

They were not the only ones who coveted the [way to see the codes in the crop circles hidden in the asteroid belt].

Jochlan looked at Saraya.  “Did you sense that?”

Saraya was holding her position, scanning the darkness around them.  Before she could respond to her partner a sound kick sent her crashing back into one of the rocks.

“[shield]” the field shot up instantly, protecting the thrusters at her back.  She shot forward again but the all black figure extended his hands and a pale ball of pulsating energy snapped out.  She quickly withdrew her tanarull and with a single thought it transformed it’s shape into a bo’ she used to block the incoming fire.  Still, the force of it sent her spiraling again.  A quick thought put more power into the thrusters pushing her forward instead.  It worked and she finally got close enough to engage him.  Next to her, she could hear the sound of Jochlan fighting his own attacker.

She jammed the end of her bo into his chest but he caught it at the last moment.  Spikes shot up from his hand, lodging the weapon in his grasp. He gripped it with his opposite hand and hurled her away from him.  Cursing she centered her thought on her thrusters again and felt herself caught by a strong pair of arms.

[space fight – give chase end up in Earth’s orbit ]

She was plummeting through space and no amount of control over her pack could her.  It was a suicide run.  The suit her attacker was wearing would not hold through the dive into earth’s atmosphere. He screamed, and then turned into a ball of flame at her back – thankfully her suit protected her from the flames.  But, he had damaged her thrusters so badly she would need to slow her descent another way.

She closed he eyes opening a connection to [earth] that’s when her senses alerted her to another problem.  A helicopter below her.  Gritting her teeth she tried to adjust her trajectory and would have succeeded but the flaming remains of the devil at her back let go of her and went hurtling towards the helicopter. Before she could catch him, he crashed into the helicopter blades.

Elaina and Will, along with their pilot friend Jim were inside the helicopter preparing to make another circle around the giant crop circle. Elaina thought it was breathtaking, in her opinion most crop circles were and Will agreed with her.  It resembled the Fibonacci spiral, perfectly formed circles that curved like a sea shell, additional markings along its outer edges.

William had the video camera out, getting the bird’s eye view.

Then everything went to hell. The helicopter violently jerked, sensors screaming as something crashed into the blades.  It immediately sent the helicopter into a deadly flat spin, hurtling them towards the ground.

“Mayday! Mayday!” Jim shouted into the headset.

“What the hell was that!?” William shouted, dropping the video camera and grabbing at something, anything as the world spun.

“Shit… shit hang on! We’re going down!”

Carrying herself through the breeze Saraya watched the helicopter spin wildly. It would crash into the circle, and the codes would be lost.  That, in truth was a minor inconvenience.  The alternative was interference; if that helicopter crashed everyone inside of it would die.

But if she interfered in earth matters again –

A gut instinct she could not explain put her in motion before her brain had made its up mind.  Saraya asked the air to carry her and shot forward.  She moved in and out of time, arriving at the helicopter in half a second.  Saraya reached in, grabbing the girl and threw her out, chucking her through the same rift she had used to reach them, pushing the human woman through again and again until she landed on the ground. She would be banged up, but she would live.  Saraya did the same with both of the men.  When they were out she shoved the metal machine with all her might, pushing it through an opposite rift.  It crashed to the ground a few meters outside of the circle.

She would have smiled in triumph but her strength left her and she toppled to the ground.

Elaina was positive she was going to die.  She was certain of it.  She’d seen plenty of movies to know that helicopters crashes were insane wrecks that nobody lived through.  She was in a state of panic, thinking a million things at once, wanting to do something anything to help Will, help Jim, help herself, oh god Will and her family and-

Something grabbed her and Elaina screamed.  It was one big continuous scream now.

This was a different kind of panic.  It was impossible that something was touching her, impossible that she was flying through the air, or through pockets of it, for milliseconds she would lose all sense of space and time, it was a crazy feeling she couldn’t even comprehend with everything else going on and before she knew it, she hit the ground hard, painfully knew there would be bruise, but somehow she was alive.

She got up to her hands and knees, her eyes wide as she watched the helicopter crash into the ground immediately sending a ball of flame to rip into the sky above it.  Panic seized her again. “WILL!”

Elaina almost sobbed with relief when immediately she heard – “ELANIA! WHERE ARE YOU?”

“Here!” She shouted back and clambered to her feet.  The sudden motion made her dizzy and nauseous and she ended up collapsing again, just as Will skittered to a halt next to her, on his knees.  He grabbed her, hugging her so tight it was painful and she so just didn’t care.

“Where’s Jim?” When she finally found her voice she knew she was crying, because it was just a lot of stuff, all at once.

“He’s okay.  Are you okay? Holy shit balls what just happened? How did we?”

“I don’t know… I don’t…”

“I felt like something grabbed me.  And that’s crazy right? But how did we…?”

Elaina just shook her head.  She had no voice again, the adrenaline rush leaving her shaking.  She had never had a near death experience before, neither had Will.  He completely understood and hugged her again.  They’d ask questions later, right now it was really good to just be alive.

There you go. The first tease. I’m fairly positive these are scenes that will be in the book obviously in a more polished form. Where you see a word within brackets, that means I intend to come up with an alien sounding word to take it’s place, Saraya and her people do have their own language after all.

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