Synarchy Book 3 – New Scenes

It’s all writing ya’ll! I’ve got two new scenes to share with you all.

The first scene is kind of a collection of thoughts that are taking shape. I am thinking (and this is subject to change as I continue writing the book) that I’d like to open showing who the Demiurge are, and what the process is for souls to get to Earth.In the second scene, I’m exploring what exactly happened on Dacwen that lead them as a society to determine that there should never be a king, only a queen. My intention for this is to both show off toxic masculinity in a raw way in this scene and also show how change tends to initially swing wildly one way to the other. Eventually my goal is for Dacwen to learn that their needs to be balance.  But, we’ll get to that.

I wrote up some hand written authors notes as well, that are exclusive to my Patrons. As always I love your feedback!

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