Synarchy Book 3 – revised scenes and new additions

I was reminded last night as I dove back into writing Book 3 of two things. One, how wonderful a feeling it is to get wrapped up the stories you love creating and two how important and awesome it is to have a group of friends that you can bounce ideas off of. My brain is often this crazy jumble of thoughts and it helps to have people I can talk too to sort through the voices.

What I’m sharing with you are two revised scenes. The first is what I think will probably be the opening of the book, but all things are subject to change in rough draft land. I added more to the scene and have new notes! The second scene is another revision, I’m working out details of the over-arching plot. I know what’s going to drive Saraya into the choices she makes and her state of mind when she returns to earth (more on that later) but these scene is more about some of the mythology of the world I’m building.

I hope you enjoy it and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the story as it comes to life! 😀

Note: mousing over the PDF lets you scroll through pages. Option bar appears at the bottom.


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