Synarchy Book 3 Shares: The Crystal Skull

What up fam!

This weekend I’ve got about 100 pages to share with you. This is some very old writing but, it was the direction I initially intended to go with Book 3. It was going to be a very direct continuation of Synarchy Book 2: The Ascension and Simone’s journey after the events of the second book. At some point though I decided I hated everything about this, figuratively burned it, and moved in a different direction. I’m glad I moved in that direction but as I come back to this writing recently I realize there is a lot here I want to do something with. I have been toying around with the idea of releasing this as free book in the lead up to Synarchy Book 3 because I like the content (now lol) and I especially like the mythology I’m building around Heven and what happens up there after Michael dies. At one point I had wanted to write a whole series and possible turn it into a comic book series about Heven and the Fallen Angels.

At any rate I’m going to come back to this after I finish Book 3 and figure out how to make the scenes where Saraya meets Simone work. This falls right into the bucket of shitty first draft and very incomplete. Have a read and let me know what you think!

And in case the PDF viewer is confusing, when you mouse over it, it gives you options to cycle through the pages 😀 Lastly if you love that I share this content I hope you’ll support it over on Patreon!

Crystal Skull

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