Synarchy Book 3 Research: Sacred Prostitution

I’m in the process of world building – Dacwen the planet away from Earth that features pretty heavily in the third Synarchy novel. Something of the ancient world that always fascinated me was the idea of Sacred Prostitution. How that really worked, and how different it was from the taboo subject it is today. I’m going to share with you all few sites of research that I found, and if there are others you can point me in the direction of, let me know! It’s nothing something that’s going to be a main point of the novel, but it is something that I think would exist on Dacwen in the beautiful form it was meant to be.

Mary Magdalene – High Priestess and Sacred Prostitute

Sacred Prostitution in the Story of Judah and Tamar?

Did Prostitution Really Exist in the Temples of Antiquity?

Ancient Greek Temples of Sex

Who’s The Sacred Prostitute & Why Was She Honored?

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