Synarchy Book 3 New Scene: The Barren Place & Author Research!

Happy #NewContentSaturday everyone!

Ya’ll the more I write Book 3 the more excited I get about the story. Today’s scene isn’t long but it did give me several new ideas for things that will be integrated into the story. Those author notes I’ll kick out to Patrons middle of next week.

First though let’s talk about research. When you write science fiction and just books in general, your google history will probably get you marked by the FBI or NSA or something. Mine wasn’t that bad this week, but I did delve into some interesting places. Here are some links with the things I’ve been reading about. Some of these will find their way woven into the book, others are just helpful with overall theme and maybe ideas for things for future novels.

Video – 9 Most MYSTERIOUS Islands On Earth!

Is Universal Basic Income as Radical as You Think?

Science in Science Fiction: seasons

The Connection Between Shamanism & Quantum Physics

Researcher Says The Mysterious “Eye of The Sahara” Could be The Ruins of Atlantis

What cool things are you reading/watching these days?

All right, now let’s dive into the new scene. I am still exploring Dacwen’s history. This one expands a bit on last weeks scene where I introduce the shitty ass king who was the cause for Dacwen’s rules that there can no longer be a king. I want to delve more into the consequence of the war and this scene also gave me some very evil ideas for The Three. Mwhahaha.

I’m also going to end up putting together a language sheet. There will be lots of alien words introduced in the novel and even I need to keep track of them all. Eventually I’d love to have some art made of it too, the language of Dacwen or something but that’s future plans. Enjoy another rough draft and let me know your thoughts!

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