The Language of Dacwen

It’s #NewContentSaturday Fam!

I do have a plan to release more scenes from Synarchy Book 3 today (anxiety pending – which has been terrible which hopefully I’ll be speaking about later this evening) but let’s start with this! I am very lucky to have a linguist in my corner as I write the third book who has been assisting me with coming up with alien words for certain things on planet Dacwen.

I showed the sisters fight scenes to a very good friend a while ago and her feedback to me was that they sounded like earth people. That presented an interesting dilemma in my brain – how to give the voices of Dacwen something unique to them? It spawned this, where I believe that some words from Dacwen should be unique to the planet. Here’s the list of what we’ve got so far, with a bit more to come I imagine. Enjoy and as always your feedback is encouraged!

THe Language of Dacwen

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