The WooWoo Hour Podcast – Astrological Forecast for 2018 with Kathy Biehl and Kirilly!

Happy March!

So this WooWoo Hour is the extended version! I interview not one, but two great astrologers that I follow Kirily Cosmic Space Priestess and Kathy Biehl. They introduce themselves and their work, give their own unique perspectives about why astrology is an important and useful tool and then dive right into what we can expect for 2018. I almost should have called this a Scorpio and an Aquarian come onto a radio show, because you’ll hear it in their interpretations of the year.

As always sound off in the comments about what you thought of the episode and I’ll see you all next month!

To connect with Kirilly Cosmic Space Priestess visit her Facebook page!

To connect with Kathy Biehl check out Empowerment Unlimited

Music used in podcast: The Art of Silence by Uniq

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