The WooWoo Hour Podcast Building Communities with Jay Walljapser

Happy April!

This month’s Podcast is a fantastic talk with Jay Walljasper about community building. Jay is an award-winning writer, popular speaker, veteran communications specialist and authority on vital communities. He writes for YesMagazine and has published four books, two of which are absolutely free to download. I spoke with Jay about steps communities can take to make space for everyone and in his vast experience what he has seen that makes communities lively places, where people can come together despite the current climate that seems to foster divisiveness at every turn.

Quick announcement! Until 7th Hobo Nation the stream community on twitch I am a part of is raising funds for DePaul International. As of the time of this posting we have raised 1800 so far! If you can check us out, give what you can or just spread the word!

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Visit Jay’s Website at: JayWallJasper.Com

Get Jay’s Book: The Great Neighborhood

Get Jay’s Book: All That We Share

Free From Jay:

America’s Walking Renaissance

How To Design Our World for Happiness

Music used in podcast: The Art of Silence by Uniq

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